From the church – for the church

  • Our team combines IT know-how with the experience of former employees from dioceses and archdioceses.

  • We are also familiar with the “local church” thanks to our wide range of voluntary work.

  • We develop pragmatic solutions for our church clients with a great deal of background knowledge about the working methods and tasks of church administrations.

Our mission

We visualize the central church structures and the personnel working within them in an application. By linking the individual pieces of information, you will gain valuable information.

Our vision

We support you on your way to becoming a modern, digital church.

Our values

Our long-standing cooperation with our customers is characterized by mutual trust, transparency and a spirit of partnership.


Markus Scheich
Head of Church Division

Markus Scheich has been an ISIDOR consultant from the very beginning and has been implementing requirements for the digital transformation of church administrations with his team since 2008.
He brings his training as an applied computer scientist and educator to the consulting, implementation and training of the ISIDOR solution.
In his free time, he spends a lot of time with his family, in the trombone choir of his parish and in the tenor of the Becherbach bridge choir.

Gregor Antochin
Senior Consultant

Gregor Antochin joined the ISIDOR consulting team in 2021.
Before joining Westernacher Solutions, he worked for 15 years in various roles at the Diocese of Fulda.
Mr. Antochin is involved in voluntary work in his local church, in Catholic youth work and as chairman of the parents’ council at the Catholic kindergarten.
In addition to his family with 2 daughters, he loves cooking and barbecuing and finds his balance as a hobby gardener.

Kai Becker
Senior Solutions Engineer

Kai Becker has been responsible for ISIDOR as Technical Project Manager since 2015.
Mr. Becker has been part of Westernacher Solutions for almost 20 years, managing the fortunes of the developers in Tallinn and overseeing all technical issues relating to ISIDOR.

Elena Raab
DevOps Engineer

Elena Raab has been supporting the ISIDOR team as a DevOps Engineer since April 2024. She is responsible for the optimization and stability of software delivery using cloud technologies as well as the release cycles.
In her free time, she spends a lot of time with her family. She loves to paint, crochet and draw.

Thomas Wagner
Principal Consultant

Thomas Wagner has been supporting Westernacher Solutions in the Church division as a solution consultant since October 2022.
As the first theologian in the team, he has more than 20 years of professional experience in church ministry for the archdioceses of Berlin and Hamburg.
After more than a decade of voluntary work, particularly in children’s and youth work, liturgy and parish pastoral care, Thomas Wagner is currently focusing on his family with 5 children.

Marcus Hoffmann
Principal Consultant

Marcus Hoffmann, ISIDOR solution consultant since 2017, embodies the mission statement “From the church – for the church!” like no other.
He was Deputy Chairman for 9 years. Head of IT at the Diocese of Würzburg, where he had been working on the idea of a central IT solution for the church since 2008.
Marcus Hoffmann was and still is deeply rooted in the “local church” through honorary positions as an altar boy, parish youth leader, parish council member, parish newsletter editor, communion minister and lector.

Thomas Hielscher
QA Manager

As QA Manager, Thomas Hielscher has been responsible for the quality of our products since 2023.
He has been designing and developing software in non-profit organizations for over 20 years and knows the interrelationships from all perspectives.
As a permanent deacon in the diocese of Fulda, he is very familiar with the church structures and everything that ISIDOR deals with.
In his spare time, he makes music with guitar, percussion and singing and is involved as chairman of a Catholic family network.

George Sanin
Senior Solutions Engineer

Georg Sanin has been Deputy Technical Project Manager and Developer for ISIDOR since January 2023 and is responsible for the new platform for rolling out new ISIDOR versions using Kubernetes technology.
Together with Kai Becker, he leads the development team in Tallinn, Estonia.
He enjoys spending his free time with his family, traveling, hiking and mountain biking.

Mario Kern
Senior Consultant

Since 2019, Mario Kern has been working at Westernacher Solutions as a project manager in ISIDOR implementation projects and consultant for the development of customer-specific specialist applications.
His areas of focus include the specialist applications for further education and training, schools, religious education and billing procedures as well as the ISIDOR GEO functions.
He is privately involved in the associations “Kinder unserer Welt e.V” and “Trauma Geburt e.V”.

ISIDOR is a software from Westernacher Solutions

Westernacher Solutions creates secure IT solutions: Go digital. For sure.

We develop IT solutions with the highest security standards for the judiciary, authorities, churches and notary’s offices. Our IT products range from standardized industry solutions to individual specialist applications. What is important to us is a holistic approach that covers process analysis, design, implementation of IT systems, operational support, rollout, training and support.

What makes us special?

  • The company belongs to us: Westernacher Solutions is a company of the Westernacher Group. The companies have been 100% owned by active employees since they were founded more than 50 years ago.
  • Westernacher starts with “We”: We strive for partnership, with colleagues, service providers and clients. Working together and sticking together are important values for us.
  • Open and honest: At Westernacher Solutions, people with different backgrounds work together in an agile way. We value the qualities, experiences, perspectives and opinions of each individual.
  • Here to stay: With long-term contracts, we offer our employees a professional future and the opportunity for social change.

We have matured into a medium-sized company and have retained our family, collaborative atmosphere. Founded in 2004, we are part of Dr. Westernacher & Partner Unternehmensberatung AG (W&P). Our head office is in Berlin-Kreuzberg, with branches in Heidelberg, Bad Kreuznach and other locations of sister companies of the Westernacher Group.

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

For more information on the handling of your personal data for the purpose of responding to your request by Westernacher Solutions GmbH and your rights, please see Data protection.