Numerous institutions are already using ISIDOR as a central tool

ISIDOR takes on a variety of tasks:

  • Central address management
  • Illustration of the online register

  • Generation of the printed register

  • Daily information gathering
  • Planning and simulation of new structures in pastoral care and administration

  • Consolidation of widely distributed databases

  • Simple representation of the complex structures of a church organization

Read here how ISIDOR solves our customers’ current challenges:

Michael Schallner
Head of Central Human Resources,
Diocese of Innsbruck

“I associate Westernacher Solutions with reliability, flexibility and humor – even when things get difficult – and a keen interest in customer needs.

The Diocese of Innsbruck has relied on the ISIDOR database since 2018. Over the past seven years, we have been able to work together on many projects relating to our
data management, the shipping methods and the presentation of our data to the outside world. Our enthusiasm was so great that we are now also mapping religious education with its complexity and the necessary duty of care in ISIDOR.”

Alexander Schlüter
Head of the Canon Law Department,
Archdiocese of Paderborn

“ISIDOR is a data hub tailored to our needs that provides information from all structural levels, facilities and contacts at a glance.

The automated creation of the diocesan personnel directory is just as feasible for us on this basis as the precise forwarding of information to mail and postal distribution lists.”

Dorothee Kiefer
ISIDOR Project Manager – Department of Human Resources Management, Archdiocese of Cologne

“With ISIDOR, we replaced our old database and created a new schema within a year. ISIDOR perfectly maps the structure of the Archdiocese of Cologne and makes it clear.

The consultants at Westernacher Solutions come from the grassroots and speak the language of the church. The cooperation is respectful, competent, honest, helpful, fair, collegial and friendly. Nothing better could have happened to us – 100% recommendable!”

Deacon Dr. Martin Faatz
Head of the Central Tasks Department in the Episcopal Ordinariate of Würzburg

“ISIDOR knows church and understands church. The database has been developed for church structures from the very beginning.

In the beginning, we contributed our expertise as the Diocese of Würzburg. Today, a growing community is driving development forward. The shoe simply fits. We benefit from this every day, from the central administration to the parish offices.”

Jonas Wangen
Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD),
IT service

“Isidor understands the structure of the church better than any other provider on the market. Offices, bodies, committees, appointments and much more can be found in this structural database.

For the EKD, it is an indispensable tool for central address and distribution management.”

Tina Huppmann
Diocese of Fulda, Chancery Department

“ISIDOR has been in use for over 10 years and is an indispensable tool for the Diocese of Fulda.

Central address and information database, digital personnel schematism, mapping of the diocese structure in curia and territory and much more – our users benefit daily from ISIDOR as a central data hub.

Additional interfaces enable data protection-compliant and automatic data transfer to other systems and save resources thanks to centrally controlled data maintenance.”

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

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