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A strong community

In 2012, the ISIDOR Community was established as a forum for exchanging experiences and coordinating joint further developments of the ISIDOR application.

Since then, the community has worked closely with Westernacher Solutions to develop many mature, future-proof and jointly financed solutions for digitalization in the administrations of the Catholic and Protestant churches.

  • Planning requirements together

  • Direct influence on product development

  • Networking and exchange

  • Cost savings through joint financing

  • Benefit from the experience of long-standing community members

Community spokeswomen:
Tina Huppmann & Martina Wergin

“In the ISIDOR Community, the software is being further developed and improved together with Westernacher Solutions. If you have any questions on this topic, we look forward to discussing them with you.”
Tina Huppmann – Diocese of Fulda, Chancery Department
Martina Wergin – Archdiocese of Hamburg, Archdiocesan Vicariate General Human Resources Department
ISIDOR community meeting following the Forum Kirche.Geo.IT 2023 in Siegburg

ISIDOR News – Dates, topics & news

Forum Church.Geo.IT 2024
June 2024
Forum Church.Geo.IT 2024

This year’s Forum Kirche.Geo.IT took place together with our partner, alta4 AG, at the Kolpinghotel “mainhaus Stadthotel” in Frankfurt am Main. Under the motto “Digitalization of the Church”, 60 participants from 30 different organizations such as dioceses, regional churches, charities and religious orders were welcomed.

The varied agenda offered inspiring presentations on topics such as the current Sinus-Milieu study from the latest church membership survey, the use of support chatbots for church IT, digital data strategies and cybersecurity.

In addition to networking in a convivial atmosphere, there were also discussions on new developments such as the integration of ISIDOR and businessatlas. The ISIDOR community decided on four development packages and plans to connect Azure AD to ISIDOR.

We would like to thank all participants for their valuable contributions and active participation in the forum.

Next year’s conference will take place in Erfurt.
Make a note of the following dates now:

Mon, 5.05.2025: Arrival day
Tue, 6.05.2025: Forum Kirche.Geo.IT
Wed, 7.05.2025: Forum Kirche.Geo.IT
Thu, 8.05.2025: ISIDOR Community

April 2024

In order to reduce support activities within internal IT, the approach for support seekers has been rethought and is now based on the motto “Helping people to help themselves”. The first step was to set up a structured help page from Westernacher Solutions, which initially provides an overview of the status of the IT systems and answers the first frequently asked questions. However, the site also offers a help form which forwards support requests directly to the responsible persons. The next development step for the website is the integration of an intelligent FAQ search and a support chatbot.

March 2024
News from the community
On 7 March, the members of the ISIDOR community from 15 major church organizations met online for the first meeting of 2024. In this context, Ms. Tina Huppmann from the diocese of Fulda and Ms. Martina Wergin (see illustration) from the archdiocese of Hamburg were elected chairpersons of the Community. Ms. Huppmann is thus continuing her work as Chairwoman and Ms. Wergin is providing support for the first time in the form of dual leadership. Thank you very much for the work you have done and your willingness to lead this important office!

The representatives of the Archdiocese of Freiburg took part in the meeting as full members for the first time. Welcome to the ISIDOR Community! Thomas Hielscher, the new ISIDOR Quality Manager, presented the quality assurance measures relating to the ISIDOR product and Mr. Scheich, Head of the Church Division at Westernacher Solutions, explained the new primary fields of action – personnel management, data hub, address management and administration – on which the cooperation of the ISIDOR community will focus in the coming months.

February 2023
New member of the ISIDOR community – Archdiocese of Freiburg is now an ISIDOR customer
We are delighted to welcome the Archdiocese of Freiburg as a new member of the ISIDOR community. After a promising prototype project, the Archdiocese of Freiburg decided to launch the ISIDOR implementation project with the company Westernacher Solutions. The archdiocese has chosen “printed works” as the first ISIDOR building block. The Archdiocese of Freiburg will participate as a full community member at the next community meeting in March 2024.

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